Transforming negative stress into positive motivation

If you pour liquids of different colors into a bucket and you stir it well enough, you end up with one color. This way also, negative stress appears to have one color. It’s like an amorphous blob, called ‘stress.’ For instance you go to your GP and he tells you not to worry: your symptoms are not the result of a real disease. It’s only stress. You may relax! Indeed?

Stress is rampant in organizations. Most of it comes from the relationship between subordinates and their colleagues, even more their bosses. Besides this, there are many causes. However, the colors of stress are not made up of causes, but of their meanings. What does it mean to you that your boss yells at you? What does it really mean to you that your dog has died today just a year ago? That you didn’t reach the latest deadline? That your once dearly held ideals seem to become more irrelevant by the day?

The level of meaning is as important as it is intangible. The deeper you go, the more important and the less tangible. If you want results, you need to go deep. There just is no way around this. This is ‘Stressional Intelligence.’ Fortunately, there are tools for this work in depth. A few of these tools are brought within this lecture.

The goal is not to get rid of stress, but to transform it, to change its energy into something very useful. This can be done from inside out. This is growth. This is truly deep motivation.

Are you ready?

You find here a Read & Do about Stressional Intelligence (AURELIS subscription is needed for this).

A workshop on this topic can also be provided. Please contact us for further information.