Burnout is a wake-up call

Imagine a caterpillar turning into a chrysalis. If the chrysalis gets stuck in itself, it will never turn into a butterfly.

Feelings of burnout are first and foremost a sign that something deeply needs to change. If the person does not allow this change, he can get stuck. The burnout is the chrysalis stage. The chance in this is one of getting new and unexpected possibilities. To fly!

A positive view on burnout is possible even in its darkest hour. A fire that destroys and ‘burns out’ also makes possible new opportunities. This may require an inner transformation. The fire can be seen as your own deep motivation. This fire becomes destructive when it’s not your own fire, at least not lately anymore and possibly from start on. Real motivation is not present by choice. You may think you are motivated towards something but deep inside you might not. In that case you spend a lot of energy but you get none in return. This shows why people with strong ideals or perfectionists are more prone to burnout. The fire that is burning within may not completely agree with them. Their problem is not that they are burning too much, but in a non-optimal way.

So the search is for the fire that fits. This is the motivation – deep down! – that not only burns energy but also replenishes. To simply relax will never be enough. You need to find replenishment in action. Finding this, you can make the transition into a butterfly. You and your environment will benefit.

Are you ready?

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